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Cannabis Industry Millionaires and How They Became Rich

These days, the ability to earn big amounts in the U.S marijuana industry is increasingly becoming hard. As many states legalize recreational marijuana; the market price of marijuana is going down. The idea of becoming a marijuana millionaire is hard. To realize huge margins, you have to become a grand producer so as to drive out the competition. A number of smart people doing hemp industry jobs have made it. Below are names of cannabis industry millionaires and how they did it.

The first person is John Cervini. John is the joint founder of Aphria, having 9 million of the shares of the company. The 48 years old John left the greenhouse of his family in 2014, his aim was to sell a product that is more profitable compared to the tomatoes and peppers in the familys greenhouse. He was not wrong by settling for cannabis.

Troy Dayton is the second person. Troy is the co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of ArcView Group. Also, Troy is one of the founders of WECANNA, a crowdfunding platform for hemp and marijuana. Additionally, Troy is one of the Canopy Boulder partners, giving funds to those starting in the cannabis industry.

The third person is Steve DeAngelo. Apart from being the co-founder of ArcView Group, a cannabis investment firm that is among the largest in the industry, having above six hundred investors whose contribution is above 200 million, Steve is also its president. Steve co-founded ArcView in the year 2010 after he built bones with a very popular medical dispensary in California. In 2016, the dispensary realized sales worth 35 million dollars. Since that time, the value of DeAngelos companies continues to increase the hemp industry jobs.

Adam Bierman is the fourth person. Adam is the joint founder of MedMen Enterprises Inc. Also, Adam is the CEO of MedMen, supervising its retail dispensaries as well as cultivation facilities in the U.S. Medmen had a net worth valuation of 1.6 billion dollars as at May 2018. Adam has 9.66 LTIP shares as well as class B shares whose value is above 23.5 million dollars.

The number five person is Andrew Modlin. Andrew is among the co-founders of MedMen, which is a company owning and operating lawful cannabis facilities that feature retail dispensaries, cultivation and product manufacturing. Andrew owns about 9.66 LTIP shares and 4 million class B shares.

Terry Booth is the sixth person. In high school, Booth engaged in the sale of weed to his friends. Today, Booth is the CEO of Aurora Cannabis, one of the most known cannabis companies in the world for making profits. Booth retains shares worth above $123m. At 54 years, Booth is one of the most profitable marijuana millionaires that are alive.